Photography was never my choice; it more or less chose me. I spent my adolescent and adult years trying to make it as a rock n' roll star, but after a decade of playing in a band and the eventual disbandment, I decided to retire my guitar and left it hanging on the wall. 


It was around that time when I got given an old camera from a friend of mine. He figured I could do with another hobby in life besides music, so I decided to give it a go. Little did I know, after spending three solid hours of figuring out what all the little buttons and dials do on the camera, I captured my first semi-decent photograph. It was at that moment I realised I had found my new passion. 


I kept at it for the next couple of years, constantly teaching myself. The images revealed to me the inherent value and power of the 'moment' that would live on as memories. Stopping the time and immortalising the moment through photographs with the ability to look back and share the experience. That of which is simply priceless.


Through this experience and determination, I've set myself the goal to shoot, capture and preserve the memories and let it tell your incredible stories for years to come. Everyone has a story to tell; I want to capture the memories, the emotions and the experience for you.


Let your story live forever.



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